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Dear friend,


Maybe you’ve heard about the peace, comfort, and freedom that comes to us in Jesus Christ our Lord. Maybe you’d love to experience those joys. Maybe you doubt them. Maybe you know them well. Maybe you’re new to them.


Whoever you are, and wherever you have been, you are welcome here.


When we gather, we share these joys through worship—in a beautiful dance of Word and Sacrament—and in the study of the Scriptures. And, because we’re Episcopalian, over some coffee and a little dessert!


We want one thing for you: to feel welcome—truly welcome—both by us, and by God. Our Lord is a hospitable Lord, and he has spread a table for you. 


Come take a seat by us!


We hope you’ll join us soon! 

The People and Priest of St. Matthias’ Episcopal Church

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